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Author Terry Lynn Johnson Author Terry Lynn Johnson

About Terry

The Short (and Weird) Version

Terry Lynn Johnson

Terry Lynn Johnson writes middle grade adventures based on her experiences living in northern Ontario, Canada. She might have fallen through ice a time or two, been dragged by a dog team, blown up a wood stove, been attacked by a sloth (slowly), nearly drowned on a portage, and chased a bear with a chainsaw. She owned eighteen sled dogs, but now owns one border collie who is almost smart enough to type out her own adventures.

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Terry Lynn Johnson

The Long (and Windy) Version

Terry Lynn Johnson

For twelve years I worked as a backcountry canoe ranger in Quetico Wilderness Park. I cleared portages on ten-day canoe trips through the interior and learned a lot about myself there, the most important being a respect for the outdoors and for my own abilities.

In the winter months, I ran my kennel of eighteen Alaskan Huskies. Some of those characters can be seen in these photos.

During family gatherings, I was usually the entertainment, telling my Quetico misadventures and dogsledding stories. With my family urging me to "write it down!" I wrote stacks of diaries while I worked in the park. After twelve years, I planned on writing my memoirs. I enrolled in an online writing course to learn how, but once I wrote a few magazine articles involving dog poop, my teacher suggested I might like to write for kids instead. I'm so thankful she did...

Terry Lynn Johnson

My sled dogs have all since passed, but their spirits remain with me in my stories. I'm also inspired to write by my on-going kayak expeditions, snowshoe trips, skiing adventures and past sailing experiences on our 26-foot sailboat called Logs and Frogs.

Currently I work outdoors as a Conservation Officer in the Northern Marine Unit with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

When I was growing up, I was very fortunate to live next to a lake. I was able to roam and explore, float around in my rowboat, and develop a love for nature. Now I live next to another lake near Whitefish Falls, Ontario. And I still have a rowboat.

Terry Lynn Johnson