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Author Terry Lynn Johnson Author Terry Lynn Johnson

Sled Dog Adventures

Terry Lynn Johnson
This is how mushers train their dogs when there is no snow. The dogs pull the
quad while it's in neutral, and the musher can use the brake to control the team.

Doppler and Orbit
Sled dog pups are busy! They love exploring, but they also need
plenty of naps. How many pups do you think are in this puppy pile?

Soho and Apollo
Have you ever imagined yourself sitting in a sled being pulled by a dog team?
Or perhaps you'd rather be the musher. The white lead dog's name is Soho.
Can you figure out the name of the other leader?

Young puppies need medicine to keep them healthy. At four weeks old, Gonzo is being
dewormed. What expression do you think he gave me after I squirted it in his mouth?

Each puppy is carefully inspected as they grow. Mushers record things about them in a chart like
their weight and color and medication schedules. What do you think a new puppy smells like?

How do you travel with sled dogs? They won't all fit in the car like your pet. They ride in a dog box with
compartments to keep them safe. Denali is using a ramp since the box sits high in the back of the truck.

Sled dogs sing after a warm supper, or when they're in a new place and want
to feel connected, or any time—like here on the drop-line just before a run!

Picture yourself next to Doppler. You've just hooked him into the gangline.
You are now ready to run your team!