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Rescue at Lake Wild

Rescue at Lake Wild

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"An appealing and informative wildlife adventure."
   —Kirkus Reviews

In this funny and moving animals-in-peril adventure, a twelve-year-old girl and her two best friends determine to rescue two orphaned beaver kits—and soon find themselves trying to solve a local environmental crisis. Perfect for fans of Pax and A Boy Called Bat.

“The kits are different from any other animals I’ve researched. And if I’m honest, I’m surprised how quickly my feelings for them have grown. Already, I feel the kits inside my heart.”

Everyone knows that twelve-year-old Madison “Madi” Lewis is not allowed to bring home any more animals. After she's saved hairless mice, two birds, a rabbit, and a stray tom cat that ended up destroying the front porch, Madi’s parents decide that if they find one more stray animal in the house, she won’t be allowed to meet Jane Goodall at an upcoming gala event.

But when Madi and her two best friends, Aaron and Jack, rescue beaver kits whose mother was killed, they find themselves at the center of a local conspiracy that’s putting the beavers and their habitats in danger. As Madi and her friends race to uncover the threat targeting the beavers, Madi must put her animal whisperer skills to the test in both raising the orphaned beaver kits and staying out of trouble long enough.

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Cover and full art wrap by the amazing Maike Plenzke!


"Animal-loving and eco-friendly readers will appreciate this story that involves both informative discussions about ecosystems and a mystery involving beaver poaching.... Madi is a free-spirited, admirable heroine, and readers will delight in her adventures and her quirky friendships. An enjoyable addition to animal and nature stories."
   —School Library Journal (read the full review)

"[Madi's] first-person, present-tense narrative balances the difficulties of hiding and nurturing beaver kits with the work she and her friends—all 12 years old—do to solve the mystery and the town’s beaver problem. Johnson sets this firmly in the present day; they use iPods, smartphones, and ATVs. There’s helpful information about animal rescue, but she makes clear that the process isn’t easy... An appealing and informative wildlife adventure."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"This book is everything the summary promises and more. I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down.... This book lends itself perfectly to so much in the classroom."
   —Unleashing Readers (read the full review)
Includes Discussion Questions and a good teacher resource: “Teacher’s Tools for Navigation

"Rescue at Lake Wild is the perfect book for all nature and animal lovers! [Terry Lynn Johnson's] newest middle grade book is exciting from the moment it starts.... There is so much love in this book that I read it so quickly."
   —Storymamas (read the full review)

"With an intriguing plot, well developed characters, and lots of factual information about beavers as well as being an animal rehabilitator, Rescue at Lake Wild is an engaging middle grade novel that has a lot of kid appeal."
   —Beagles and Books (read the full review)

"I loved the adventure and mystery in this story and I know readers will devour this read. This book also makes a great read aloud, especially for this time of the year!"
   —Mrs. Knott’s Book Nook (read the full review)

"What a great read... behaviour and other facts are very accurate."
   —Wild For Life animal rehabilitation centre

"Terry [has an] ability to set a scene and [pay] attention to detail. As a reader, you see the kits in front of you. You can practically feel them nuzzle up to you. The sights, the sounds, the smells, they’re all there.... Rescue at Lake Wild celebrates friendship, ingenuity and nature. It will make an excellent addition to any reader’s growing library."
   —Cracking the Cover (read the full review)

"Terry Lynn Johnson's books are always a treat to read. So informative, exciting and packed with lovely details about animals... The story really makes you think about the fragility of the environment and indirectly about being a good environmental steward... This is truly a valuable story that highlights the importance of appreciating one's environment while also keeping it safe and clean. A must read for kids interested in animal rescuers, outdoor adventures or the environment."
   —Log Cabin Library (read the full review)

"This is a must purchase for elementary schools, and a good addition for middle schools where books about animals or outdoor adventures are popular."
   —Ms. Yingling Reads (read the full review)

"Recue at Lake Wild was a fun read! ...the writing was spot on. It was descriptive, informative and I read it in a couple sittings."
   —Just One More Chapter (read the full review)

"There’s a secret to be uncovered here, and Madi, Jack, and Aaron mean to be the ones to do it: as long as Madi can stay out of trouble with her mom, that is. A fast-paced adventure story about friendship, found families, and wildlife rehab, Rescue at Lake Wild has elements adventure readers will love: action, a mystery to solve, and a determined, smart protagonist with a love for animals and nature."
   —Mom Read It (read the full review)

"Canadian author Terry Lynn Johnson has written a plot-driven story interspersed with tidbits of humour and incidents that this age group will laugh about, get a bit grossed-out (think leeches and bloodsuckers) and gain a greater appreciation of beavers."
   —Bit About Books (read the full review)

Beaver 1
Me working as a Conservation Officer, transporting
a wounded fawn to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.
Beaver 2
A real beaver pelt with two small skulls.
Average beaver weighs about 60 pounds!
You can see the pelt has long guard hairs
with down underneath. And their teeth are an orange color!

Terry Lynn Johnson--Sled Dog School

This story is full of beaver kit shenanigans, good friends, a wildlife poaching mystery, and a rather food-obsessed dog.

It is also full of facts about beavers and wildlife rehabilitation. In writing this, I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, and interviewed several wildlife rehabbers—including one who let me use some of her real-life anecdotes of her time caring for beaver kits.

I grew up on a lake where my dad was in a constant war with the beavers damming the channel to the next lake. In my mind, that was the setting for Rescue at Lake Wild. And it was the inspiration to show that beavers aren’t just a nuisance, but are endlessly fascinating. I’m so excited for you to meet them.

Beaver 1
Resident beaver at Science North Center, Sudbury, Ontario
Beaver 2
Meal time, eating his vegetables