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The Short Version

I write outdoor adventures for young adults. When I'm not writing, I work as a Conservation Officer, and before that, I was a Park Ranger and a musher. I love living in northern Ontario where I can snowshoe, kayak, and fish—all in the same month! To read more or follow my latest adventures, visit my blog.

The Long Version

For 12 years I worked as a backcountry canoe ranger in Quetico Wilderness Park. I cleared portages on 10-day canoe trips through the interior and learned a lot about myself there, the most important being a respect for the outdoors and for my own abilities.

Terry Lynn Johnson

In the winter months, I ran my kennel of 18 Alaskan Huskies. Some of those characters can be seen in these photos.

During family gatherings, I entertained with dogsledding stories and Quetico adventures. All near-death experiences (some even true).

Terry Lynn Johnson

With my family urging me to "write it down", I ended up with stacks of diaries from my time in the park, all waiting till the day I began my memoirs. I took a writing course with a plan to finally do it. After writing a few humorous magazine articles about dog poop (which won the Dog Writers of America Maxwell Medallion of Excellence in humour writing), my teacher suggested I try writing for children. I'm so thankful she did because I adore it. And that's good since I have the attention span of a pea. It takes a lot of love to keep me in a chair.

Terry Lynn Johnson

My sled dogs have all since passed, but their spirits remain with me in my stories. Now I work outdoors as a Conservation Officer near Whitefish Falls, Ontario—a job I've been doing for over ten years. I live on a lake with my partner, two step-daughters, and a few dogs who have explained that due to their sketchy heritage, they'd rather run beside me than pull, thank you very much.